About me, Ignas Miklovis

I’m highly motivated student in what I am doing right now, website development at Staffordshire university. I am an organized person, good at working with other people and on my own as well. I can get on with my work really quickly and also I have quite big knowledge in computers. Ambitious and looking forward in improving in what I am doing right now, website development. Very excited to start working in real working environment that is in my area of study.

I have experience in working hard and fast paced environment that always throws a challenge which I am not afraid to take. I feel that starting to work in that kind of environment prepares you for even harder challenges to come.

Welcome to my online portfolio.

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My interests

  1. Working with Adobe Photoshop
  2. Working with Adobe Illustrator
  3. Programming with Java Script
  4. Programming with HTML and CSS
  5. Some aspects of 3D modeling
  6. Working with Abelton Live